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ph Ugo Panella

Project "Jamila"

Where we work > Afghanistan

THIS SMILE IS WORTH: over 2 years of team work; 304 sleepless nights; 1.000 hugs; 550 hours studying. 1 FIXED TARGET: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Microfinance, human rights, dignity and respect.
Since 2003, in Afghanistan, Pangea has offered the opportunity and the means to start a new life to women and their children.


Mission: Guarantee a social-economic integration to poor women through professional training, micro credit, sanitary and reproductive education, literacy.

Women involved: over 3.300 since 2002.

Why we are there:
Because there's no peace without social-economic development.
Because women in Afghanistan are the most discriminated but they represent the biggest element of relaunch.
Because micro credit is literacy, rights, health, work: main elements to be respected.