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ph Ugo Panella

Project "Piccoli Ospiti"

Where we work > Italy

THIS SMILE IS WORTH: over 2 years of team work; 150.000 words spoken and listened to; 2 million tears; 1.200 hours of commitment for a new start. 1 FIXED TARGET: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Microfinance, human rights, dignity and respect.
Since 2008, in Italy, Pangea has offered the opportunity and the means to start a new life to women and their children.


Mission: Help minors who assisted abuse and their mothers through a combined program.

Why we are there:
Because assisted violence is a serious problem for a minor and people don't talk about it enough.
Because this experience originates traumas as bad as the direct abuse ones, that get worse if the abuse keeps lasting in time and if there's a blood relation between the aggressor and the victim.
Because working with both mothers and children is more effective.