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The way we work

Fondazione Pangea's holistic approach takes into full consideration human, economic and social needs of the women and girls it supports.

In Italy, Fondazione Pangea includes 4 members of staff: 3 of them collect funds, deal with communication and manage the structure. 1 of them develop and manage human programs, activities of promotion and advocacy.

Fondazione Pangea doesn't work with expatriates. It prefers to support local organizations and their programs.

We cooperate with local organizations whose staff is mainly made up of local women selected according to the following criteria:

• same values and missions of Fondazione Pangea;
• respect of the rules of their countries' governments;
• holistic and sustainable development;
participation in the decision of cooperative programs;
• no discrimination in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, language, religion, health condition of the local staff and the beneficiaries of the programs;
• no membership to political parties or policy against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
• noticeable and congruous fund management.