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ph Giovanni De Sandre

Project "Casa Pangea Calcutta"

Where we work > India

THIS SMILE IS WORTH: over 3 years of team work; 2.100 hours spent exchanging and discussing ideas; 550 hours of encouragement; 7 million doubts. 1 FIXED TARGET: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Microfinance, human rights, dignity and respect.
Since 2004, in India, Pangea has offered the opportunity and the means to start a new life to women and their children.


Mission: Creating groups of disabled women who are aware of their rights, able to look after themselves and take advantage of the government services (Disability Card). Supplying the first professional training instruments and credit for a better social-economic condition. Easing the access to medical and physiotherapy aid.

Women involved: about 4.800 since the project started.

Why we are there:
Disabled women are not considered able to decide and act autonomously.
Because in slums there are no associations that look after disabled women and girls.